Complete IT maintenance for Vessels

Services for Maritime

Vessel IT Support

  • Complete IT maintenance of servers, computers, printers, scanners etc.;
  • Computer networks configuration;
  • Software installation and setup;
  • Data recovery from damaged HDD or after its deletion;
  • Computer repair and assembly;
  • Computer and hardware sale;
  • Consultations about technical infrastructure and problem-solving;
  • Installation and configuration of satellite equipment (Iridium OpenPort, Inmarsat FleetBroadBand, Inmarsat Fleet, Mini-M, etc.);
  • Installation and configuration of specific software.
Services for Maritime - Vessel IT Support

On-demand Support

Many companies don't have many in-house vessel IT support. Three staff members is not enough during peak periods, but five is too much most of the time. For example, when you need to do that installation on five new vessels in the fleet, or an upgrade of all servers is due.

For such situations, Baltic ICT offer our On-demand Support service, which is tailored for this – acting as an extension of your in-house team. We allocate one or more experienced Vessel IT consultants who know your installation, and will assist you when needed.

  • Holiday coverage
  • Installation projects
  • Peak load periods
  • Upgrade projects
Services for Maritime - On-demand Support

Managed Vessel IT

Baltic ICT provides Managed Vessel IT support as an outsourced service, which you can subscribe to on a per-vessel basis.
By outsourcing your Vessel IT support to Baltic ICT, you will gain the benefits of a large-scale vessel support organization, without having to make the investment in staff, building knowledge, understanding the market and parties involved.
Baltic ICT can offer 24×7 Managed Vessel IT support as a scalable service – if you add vessels to your fleet, you are not depending on a single supporter to cope with the new fleet as well as supporting the existing fleet. Whether it involves implementation of hardware or software, management or optimization of existing installations – Baltic ICT’s Vessel IT support will help you.
Services for Maritime - Managed Vessel IT