Information gathering and specification building

Every website project should start with a specification. It is often case that when client order a website, there is not enough specific and crucial information which are very important both for client so he can comprehensively examine their own project, and for a web design agency so it can create offer, considering all demands, wishes and to obtain clear picture of the client’s needs.

  • 1. Introduce yourself
  • 2. Start with the objectives
  • 3. Key Audiences
  • 4. Provisional site structure
  • 5. Technical specifications
  • 6. Non-functional requirements
  • 7. Websites you like and don't like
  • 8. Who are your competitors?
  • 9. Budget
  • 10. Timescales
  • 11. What is your procurement process?

Website graphic and functional design

We offer many solutions in the field of design:

  • Web design;
  • Logo design;
  • Social media design (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.);
  • Print design;
  • Audio design, animation, video;
  • Develop a website design using a website template to minimize the cost;
  • Develop a website design an individual solution for the best result;

HTML coding

Website designing involves series of steps and one of the most important steps in the web design process is the conversion of your PSD file to HTML format.

The presumption here is that you already have your design in the PSD format. Before you start the conversion process, you need to finalize the design. Making changes to your design after you have started the conversion process will only double the work involved. All the fine refinements that you would like to make should, therefore, be completed before commencing the conversion efforts.


CMS coding

These days, Content Management Systems (popularly known as CMS) are often used to build websites. CMS is mainly used for the websites where contents need to change for very often. Each CMS comes with ready to use "Administration" section. This enables anybody (just anybody) to edit, add or remove text contents and images from the website. So, every time you plan to update your website contents, you don't have to pay hefty amounts to some HTML developer.

Web hosting

We offer fast and reliable hosting of your website with responsible attitude starting with free setup on web server, e-mail transfer and continuing with constant monitoring of the resource load and website online status.

Most popular technologies - PHP scripting language and MySQL database management system.

Website maintenance

We offer to improve your website - its layout and appearance, add content, prepare images according to web development requirements, publish news on social networks and many other small works to contribute to the success of your website.

Search engine optimization

Find out how successful is your website. We offer SEO services and suggestions to help your website be competitive.

Organic Search

On-Page SEO

Link Building

Keyword Research